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25 Years Solaris Records, Vol. 1 (Best of Loveom)

25 Years Solaris Records, Vol. 1 (Best of Loveom)

Dereka, Marat Taturas, Tom Novy,, Tom Tom Club, Russ Danoff, Vavinchi, Giorgio Moroder, Henning Richter, Oliver Deuerling, Conservators, Petko Turner, Eva Be, Cambis, Chew Solo, Denis Naidanow, David Mayer, Mosfamous, Roger Sanchez, Sandra Gold, Kirill Lubimov, Ben Ivory, Step2Sun, Tyree Cooper, Cle, Natsuki, Nolan, Tayrona Twins, MaRives, HEY!LEN, Junior & Dee, Albert R., Nooncat, Josanu, Roberto Ingram, Fishfarm, Obo And Hobos, WENZEL, Dj Nils
08 Sep 2023 SOL111
Time flys by and we are still THE hub for plenty of mega talented artists for already now over 25 years. For this Jubilee we are blessed to release the powerful unique Compilation "Solaris Records 25 years - Best of #LoveOm", where we combi...

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